3 Creative Ways To Up Your Travel Photography Game

Okay, so nobody’s travelling right now. Our 2020 holiday plans are well and truly scuppered. It feels so frustrating to be stuck at home, when instead we could be at the beach, in a tropical rainforest or seeing the sights of a capital city. Yet the world needs us to be at home right now, so at home we stay, dreaming of the days we can travel again. 

Although holidays feel like worlds away at the moment, there’s no harm in planning ahead! Instead of mourning the lost holidays of 2020, think forward to 2021, and start planning the trip of your dreams. Will you visit that place you’ve always wanted to, with a new found respect for the freedom to travel anywhere? Will you take a more environmental approach, seeing the sights closer to home? Perhaps you’re even thinking of moving abroad! You decide. Wherever or whatever your travels will be, making memories is important, and documenting them is a big part of that. Here are three ways to get your travel photography game up for your next trip away.

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1. Tutorials are your friend

If you’re not a seasoned photographer, tutorials will be your best friend. Have you always wondered how those travel influencers get their photographs so beautiful? You can achieve it too, by following video tutorials on Youtube. These tutorials are totally free and simple to follow. Whether you’re just shooting on your iPhone, or you’re working with a high quality digital camera – or perhaps you’re kicking it old school and shooting on film – any of these mediums can be improved with online tutorials. Plus, those in the know often review products for free, too, so you know where to go when you decide on your style.

2. Get technical

If you really want to go all-out in your quest for the perfect holiday shots, investing in high-tech equipment is a must. Although expensive, you can achieve groundbreaking results with professional equipment, such as a tripod, or even a drone. You can learn the ins and outs of video production easily online, and follow in the footsteps of those who’ve created the most enviable travel content out there. 

If you’re taking a diving or snorkelling holiday, the world of under-water cameras is waiting for you. Coming face to face with sea life is an extraordinary experience; being able to show the world your discoveries is the cherry on top of the cake.

3. Focus on the experience

There’s no point in trying to take amazing shots, if you’re not actually enjoying your experience. We all want incredible travel photos to show our friends and post on Instagram, but remember, that’s not why you travel. Travelling is all about soaking up the culture, the sunshine, and the freedom. Plus, if you’re actually loving your trip, your content will reflect that. Paired with the technical skills you’ll learn online, the secret ingredient to amazing photos is to take a trip you really want to take, with people you really love, and having fun!

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