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3 Reasons Why January Is Actually A Great Month To Take A Vacation

There’s really no such thing as a bad time to travel. In the aftermath of the holiday season many of us find ourselves with a hangover that’s both literal and metaphorical. The post-holiday blues can set in and reacclimating to our old routine can seem arduous and depressing. With this in mind, is it any wonder that so many of us yearn to abandon our lives and our routines and run away? Why so many of us seek the comfort of warmer, dryer, brighter and more optimistic climes?

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If you still have some vacation time at work that needs to be used by the end of the financial year, why not plan a January getaway for yourself? There are a number of reasons why the first season of the year is actually one of the best in which to get a vacation…

Great prices

Most of us will have done some Olympic-level spending over the holidays in making sure that everyone they love has something memorable to unwrap. You may feel that your finances simply aren’t conducive to a holiday before the turning of spring… Or even at all this year. But January vacations can represent some fantastic savings, especially if you save points or air miles. 

Because of the reduced flight traffic, airlines and hotels tend to offer great out of season rates to try and incentivize visits. You can get some fantastic flights and rooms which you can combine to create your own holiday package and you can also use The Airport Parking Helper to get the best airport parking rates. If money is an issue you’ll be astonished at what you can save!

Less tourists make everything better

Whether you want to roam the cobbled streets of Paris, the waterways of Venice or the super-trendy boroughs of Melbourne, there isn’t a single holiday destination or activity that was ever improved by more tourists. Seasoned travel bugs view the proliferation of tourists as at best a slight nuisance and at worst an embarrassment (especially when they’re the kinds of tourists that seem to embody everything bad about your home country). Moreover, large crowds mean lines for everything and having to stand around and wait for slack jawed gawkers to finish taking selfies before you can sit down and enjoy your espresso. 

Vacationing in quieter months like January mean you’ll get more time to yourself in your chosen destination… And that certainly can’t be bad!

Winter makes certain places gorgeous

If you haven’t walked through Wenceslas Square in Prague in winter clutching a hot gluhwein… Well, you haven’t really been to Prague at all. If you haven’t strolled through Manhattan on a brisk winter morning and seen the steam rise from the grates up and down the streets, you’re missing out on this urban paradise at it’s best. There’s a lot to be said for sandy beaches, sun and sea… But there are some places that truly come alive in January.

So… If getting back into your usual routine is proving a little much, why not treat yourself to a January vacation?

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