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3 Tips for Turning Your Travels into More Of an Adventure

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When you’re heading away from home on vacation, to new and exciting locales, you’re probably doing it at least partly because you’re after a bit of adventure, and a break from the routines and structures of ordinary life.

Of course, although every trip starts with plenty of potential, not every trip actually ends up seeming very much like an adventure down the line.

So, here are a few tips for turning your travels into more of an adventure, in case you keep looking for that exciting outing, and just not quite finding it.

1. Switch locations frequently during your journey

There are certainly reasons why you might want to stay in one specific location for a longer trip– and this has been recommended by plenty of “Digital Nomad” types, including Tim Ferriss in his book “The 4-Hour Work Week.”

If it’s adventure you’re after, though, seeing more locations is likely to give you that sensation better than just seeing one or two will.

A big part of the feeling of “adventure” is exploring novelty, putting yourself in different and unique situations, and experiencing the world in ways you hadn’t done before. Waking up somewhere new every day, and exploring new locations on a regular basis, is likely to contribute more to that sense of exploring the unknown than simply sitting in an all-inclusive holiday resort.

You could try travelling around in an RV, or you could try backpacking. One way or the other, options that allow you to move around easily may be the best bet.

2. Spend more time off the beaten track

Every popular tourist destination features hotspot locations where a huge proportion of all visitors will end up, along with plenty of “tourist trap” attractions that will often have a lot more to do with commercial branding, than with an authentic experience of the local culture or environment.

These experiences are often predictable, often the kinds of things you know all about in advance, and generally not authentic enough to feel like real adventures, in many instances.

To have a more adventurous time on your travels, spend more of your time off the beaten track. Go to some of the less known locations, and see some of the less well-known sites. Sure, you can check out the big attractions too – but don’t base your entire vacation around them.

3. “Unplug” while on your travels

More or less no matter where you are, and no matter what you’re doing, you’re going to find it far more difficult to actually experience a sense of adventure on your travels if you’re staring at your phone for the entire trip, and are constantly thinking about how to pose in photos in order to really impress people on social media.

There’s plenty of research that shows that the more time we spend on our smartphones and other high-tech devices, the less capable we are of appreciating and engaging with the everyday world around us.

When on your travels, try and “unplug” as much as possible. Keep just enough technology available that you can be in touch with loved ones in the case of an emergency.

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