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4 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Summer


Winter is well and truly behind us now and spring is in the air. Before long, summer will arrive and your mind is no doubt turning to things like backyard barbecues, family vacations, and sunbathing to your heart’s content.

But summer weather can often be extreme and uncomfortable, and you don’t want to spend three months of the year feeling hot and sticky in your own home. It’s essential that you prepare for the heat by making sure your house is up to the task. Following these four simple steps will ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the warm season and make the most of your carefree summer.

Tuck your winter accessories away

If you’ve been through a cold winter, there’s a good chance your home is full of warming and comforting items. This is great for creating a cozy, hygge feel but by the time the sun starts to come out, these accessories can be stifling. Go through your home and remove anything that gives off a wintery vibe, and stow it away in a cupboard or attic until it’s needed again. This might include things like heavy throw blankets, rugs, heaters, Christmas jumpers, candles, and fireplace logs. This turns your home into a blank canvas for you to create that summery vibe.

Check your air conditioner

If it’s been a few months since you’ve needed to switch on the air conditioner, it would be a good idea to make sure it still works. You don’t want the hottest day of the year to roll around only to discover that you have a malfunction. Ensure it is in perfect working condition by replacing the air filter and cleaning the dust from around the vents and unit. YOu could even try running it for a few minutes to check that it is cooling your house effectively. And if something isn’t right, you still have plenty of time to call a 24 hour AC repair company before spring is over.

Insect-proof your home

One of the drawbacks of summer is that it always brings out the creepy-crawlies. There’s nothing worse than a kitchen swarming with fruit flies or being eaten alive by mosquitoes when you sit out in the back garden. Protect yourself from the onslaught of bugs by taking steps to insect-proof your home now. Make sure any loose food is stored in airtight containers, and seal up any cracks between windows and doors. Consider installing a mosquito repellent or trap around your home, or hire a pest controller to safeguard your home against uninvited guests.

Let the light in

Even though you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors when summer arrives, you’ll still need to go inside occasionally. And when you do, you don’t want your home to feel stuffy and gloomy. Do what you can to let in as much light as possible throughout the warm season. Consider replacing your heavy curtains with light translucent drapes, and clear any large items away from windows that might be blocking out the sun. 

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