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5 Things That Can Affect Mood

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When it comes to a low mood, we often think of things such as stress, depression or medical conditions but there are many things that can affect how you feel on a daily basis. We’ve rounded up some other things that can affect you. 

When to seek treatment

If you feel that your low mood is related to depression or a medical condition, then you should visit a doctor in the first instance to get the right help. Hormones can often cause mood swings, and not just in women. Men can also have hormone imbalances and low testosterone and TRT treatments to reverse it are very common. 

The Weather

There’s a lot of research has been done on the connection between sunlight and mood. That’s why in the winter months, some people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), due to the lack of exposure to sunlight. 

It’s not only the sunlight that might be to blame. Changes in air pressure can often affect people. Many migraine sufferers report feeling down or fuzzy-headed in the hours before a thunderstorm, followed by a feeling of elation after it has passed. 

A Messy Home

Even if you’re a naturally messy person, you have to admit that living in a clean, tidy and well-organised space can be truly transformational to your mood. Not only do you feel more positive, but you can also be more productive and even get a better night’s sleep. 

So if your place is looking less than tidy, a good clean up could do you the world of good. 

Other people

Interactions with other people can affect your day. For example, if you’ve had an argument with someone, it could leave you feeling angry or upset. But you don’t have to talk to people for it to affect you. Just being around people who are upset, angry or negative can change your own mood, whether you’re aware of it or not. Wherever possible, surround yourself with positivity, or at least remove yourself from the situation. 


Try surrounding yourself with calm colours such as blues and greens. Reds have been associated with danger or anxiety in some people. Why not repaint your home to make yourself feel better, or put a few colourful decorations on your desk at work. 

Your diet

Eating good food can make us feel very happy, but continually eating unhealthy and processed foods can affect your overall mood. Try switching to healthy, unprocessed foods. It may take a little time to adapt to it but it will benefit your health and wellbeing enormously. 

Not drinking enough is also a recipe for mental fog and confusion. Up your water intake for an almost instant effect. 


Our day to day mood can be affected by so many things happening both inside our body and in our environment. The good news is that it once you’ve identified these triggers, it’s much easier to do something about it. Sometimes even just recognising the cause is enough to snap you out of it. 

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