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7 Food and Drink Travel Experiences Everybody Should Try Once

Travelling the world is something you are extremely passionate about; absorbing a whole new culture, trying different cuisines and learning about another country is something you will always love to do. Whether you’re planning a once in a lifetime journey across the globe or you’re hoping to have a stay-cation, your travel experiences should always be full of fantastic food and drink. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a US based foodie trip, then you are certainly looking in the correct place. The following seven food and drink travel experiences need to be written straight onto your bucket list right now.

1.Missouri Wines

If you’re ready to taste one of the most awesome alcohol delights ever, you need to head to marvellous Missouri. Famous for its award winning wines, paying a visit to the amazing views at OakGlenn Vineyards and Winery, won’t disappoint. Take in the breathtaking view of the Missouri River, whilst you watch the stunning scenery unfold right in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to purchase a bottle of your favourite to take back home with you.

2. New Orleans French Quarter

As you stroll through the French Quarter in New Orleans you will be pleasantly surprised with the amazing mix of high end and simple restaurants they have to offer. The amazing history of muffulettas are yet to be discovered too!

3. Las Vegas Buffets

Hidden in the heart of Las Vegas are the unbeatable buffets that are often open twenty four hours. From snazzy Asian fusion restaurants to more upscale establishments, you can truly sample anything during this type of foodie vacation. Don’t sleep in too later either, because the breakfast buffets are unbeatable.

4. Chicago Classics

Believe it or not, Chicago is so much more than hot dogs and deep pan pizzas. Tantalize your taste buds with some sumptuous smoked fish, or join the popular Famous Tastes of Chicago Food Tour for the ultimate tasting experience.

5. Miami Cuban Classics

If you’re a fan of spicy and hot then you have to head to Miami, where you’ll find the perfect combination of Southern favorites and Cuban classics. Whether you’re indulging in a jalapeno burger or enjoying chicken and waffles for breakfast you aren’t going to go hungry in Miami. 

6. Nashville Chicken 

If chicken is your thing, then Nashville needs to be you first pit stop. The melt in your mouth barbecued chicken is always a crowd pleaser, especially when it’s washed down with one of their all day famous cocktails. 

7. New York City Street Food

As well as being truly enthralled by the sights and sounds of New York City There are so many food trucks in NYC that you simply need to try out. Whether you’re munching your way through a mustard pretzel or seeking out a brilliant bagel shop, the possibilities in New York are truly endless.

Whether you’re tasting the wonderful wine in Missouri or sampling the sumptuous street food in New York you can be sure that you are trying some of the most delicious dishes around the country. Food and drink should be thoroughly enjoyed wherever you may go, so don’t be afraid to try something completely new that you have never tried before. During your foodie travels, you might just be able to discover something you really love.

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