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8 Reasons To Visit Croatia On Your Next Holiday

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If you’re looking for a holiday destination that has it all, why not consider Croatia for your next trip? Whilst it may not be somewhere that is top of your list, Croatia is the perfect destination for those that want to relax, as well as those that seek thrilling adventures. With luxury resorts and exciting excursions, you can be sure there is something for everyone. To help convince you book a trip, here are 8 incredible reasons you should visit Croatia on your next holiday:

The Scenery Is Absolutely Stunning 

No matter where you visit in Croatia, you can be sure the scenery is going to be breathtakingly beautiful from every angle. Whether you’re exploring the views across the ocean from Dubrovnik’s city walls, hiking to some of the countries most popular viewpoints or sitting in the magical harbour in Split, Croatia has a whole host of views for you to discover.

For a guide to some of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatia, you can visit this site here

There Are Incredible Sailing Opportunities 

It’s definitely no secret that Croatia is the ideal destination for sailors and yacht enthusiasts – especially now that they host an annual yacht celebration that takes place over week-long events.  So if you’re looking for a break that is spent predominately on the water, Croatia will fully deliver and you won’t regret your decision for a single second.

When it comes to sailing in Croatia you have two options – hiring your own boat or hiring a boat with your own captain or skipper. Depending on how you prefer to travel, there are ups and downs to both options. As the best-known way to experience Croatia’s crystal clear waters is to glide over them, either option will be an incredible experience. 

You Can Visit Some Of The World’s Most Famous Filming Locations

If you didn’t already know, a lot of the HBO hit show, Game Of Thrones, was filmed in Croatia. Due to its stunning scenery and incredible history, Croatia definitely made the perfect location for filming. Fans can enjoy a full and authentic experience with a Game Of Thrones tour, or alternatively, you can visit create your own tour where you visit top locations and recreate pictures of your favourite scenes. 

Some of the most popular locations that have been featured are Dubrovnik’s city walls, which became King’s Landing; The Fortress of Kliss which is the City of Meereen and Trsteno Arboretum which became the Garden of Red Keep. For more information on Game Of Thrones filming locations in Croatia, you can visit this guide here

It’s Family-Friendly With Lots Of Activities

Although it may not seem like it at first, Croatia is an incredibly family-friendly location to visit. From it’s incredible beaches to the multitude of activities and excursions to take part in, you can be sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for both adults and children alike.

Whether you prefer to rest at the pool while the kids go kayaking or you want to island hop for the day,  the choices are practically endless. For a guide to cruising Croatia, you can visit this site here. 

The Food And Drink Is Delicious

Another incredible reason to visit Croatia is that food and drink are incredible. As Croatia is located directly opposite Italy, a lot of the food takes its influence from Italian Cuisine. This means you can enjoy incredible pasta, pizza and gelato as you wander the streets of Dubrovnik, Split or Zagreb.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the many fish delicacies that Croatia has to over. With most of the country lining the seas, you will find some of the most incredible fish dishes you have ever eaten. For more information on what to eat and drink when visiting Croatia, you can visit this guide here

The People Are Friendly

When visiting Croatia it doesn’t take long to learn how friendly the locals can be. Whilst this isn’t always the case in the larger tourist areas, smaller towns like Split and Pula have definitely have a more cosy feel to them. 

There Are Lots Of Opportunities For Excursions To Nearby Countries

Croatia borders a lot of incredible countries and depending on where you visit, you could have the opportunity to visit Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia – all of which are accessible with day trips through tour companies. The best thing to do is wait until you arrive in Croatia, where there will be a host of desks offering tours to these incredible locations. With each tour lasting around 8-10 hours, you can explore a new country AND still be home in time for dinner. 

The Weather Can Be Glorious During Peak Season

If you’re visiting in the summer the weather in Croatia has been known to hit as high as 25-30 degrees Celsius. Whilst it is not as hot as other counties, it’s the perfect temperature to relax by the pool, topping up your tan. If you’re looking for a more active season you may want to visit during the months of April, May, September and October – all of which are still warm, but not as humid. 

Are you planning a trip to Croatia soon? Has this post convinced you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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