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Adventure On The Agenda: Vacation Ideas To Get The Excitement Ignited In You!


If you’re not the kind of guy that spends their vacations sat on a sun lounger reading books, but you use any vacation as an excuse to stretch yourself, then lucky you, you’ve got the world on your doorstep! Some people like to stretch themselves by getting deep into history, but others prefer the adventurous approach. Now, we’re not talking Indiana Jones-esque expeditions here, but let’s provide you with a few suggestions so you can get that sense of adventure in you! 

Do You Want To Meet Ancient Cultures? 

What’s amazing is that there are people whose lives haven’t been tainted by smartphones or any form of modern touchstone. In Northern Kenya, as well as Southern Ethiopia, there are people who live a simple lifestyle. The tribes of Omo Valley and Lake Turkana are groups of people that you can meet and get a taste of this simple existence, while at the same time you can venture into Lalibela and see the church structures for yourself. And if you’re looking for something more adventurous, you could head into the Simien Mountains and track wolves!

Scale The Peaks

Maybe Kilimanjaro is on your bucket list, and maybe people have warned you off. But, all 19,340 foot of it is begging to be mounted! Now, there is a new route on the north face of the mountain that can be done in daylight. For those that don’t have the experience in climbing mountains, the ascent is non-technical in nature, and as far as a payoff is concerned, the views of Kenya in the dawn are one of the best you could hope for.

Go For A Walk

Not just any walk, but wild walks are a unique type of adventure for anyone. In Zimbabwe, you could go to the Hwange National Park and get up close and personal with a wide variety of wild creatures. From lions to rhinos and elephants, you’ve got plenty to feast your eyes upon. And if you have seen plenty of the typical wild creatures in your time, the guides can point you in the direction of wild dogs and cheetahs, making for a very unique experience indeed!

Get Sporty!

Maybe you want a spirit of adventure that’s a little more contained, or at high speeds. You may as well take advantage of the Blizzard Black Pearl sale right now and scale up a mountain to ski all the way down. There are plenty of opportunities for the budding adventurer. In Japan, you can go on a 5-day course in Furano, the northern part of Hokkaido and learn how to ski. But, you’ve got the opportunity to go off-piste and put your skills to the test. Another extreme peak is Jackson Hole in Wyoming. And, to soften the blow, the Hotel Terra there hosts an abundance of relaxation stations, including a spa and a pool.

If adventure is on the agenda, the world is your oyster. Sometimes, we can get stuck with the idea that a vacation is meant to be relaxing. But if you are of the temperament a vacation is meant to stretch you, give these few places a go.

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