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Animal Lover? Here Are Some Hobbies For You

For animal lovers, it is pretty much the dream to either have a hobby that allows you to work with animals or a career in it. For this article, we are just going to talk about hobbies. Hobbies are the thing you do for fun that doesn’t always bring money but do bring a sense of happiness and joy to you. 

Not every hobby that includes animals will suit everyone, but if you love animals, you will probably find a way to make it work anyway.

Photo by Fabian Burghardt on Unsplash

Horse Riding

80% of children when they are little are just entranced by these beautiful creatures. So it makes sense that horse riding is a big hobby for many. Once you get the bug for it, it often carries on long into adulthood too. Not only do you get to ride the big stunner, but you will become an integral part of its care. Once you have settled on this one, you can check out equestrian clubs, pony meetups, and get in touch with other horse riders for Sunday morning hacks. 

Dolphins Watching

This one can take you all over the world if you want to. You can also throw in whale watching – as you’re already at sea anyway. There are many different clubs and tours that specialise in getting you as close to wild whales and dolphins as possible without disturbing them. Of course, even with the trips, you aren’t guaranteed to be able to watch them, so you might need to invest in some binoculars too. If you are the kind that also likes to support from afar, you can ‘adopt’ a dolphin, and the money you give will go towards their care and conservation. 

Animal Rescue

This goes beyond just watching. This is a hands-on type of hobby. You probably have a deep empathy for animals and rescuing them from dire situations will give you a deep sense of fulfilment. Abused and stray animals are typically in terrible condition and need a lot of time, love and care. 

Animal Shelters

Different from the last in that you would be volunteering at an animal shelter, and this is a mucking out kind of job. Taking care of their needs like food, water, cleaning, and handling. Most of the time it will be a cat or dog shelter, but some also specialise in exotic species and horses. A big heart and a lot of patience will be required because some animals will just but so neglected they won’t give their trust easy – or ever in some cases. 


If you have the space to keep bees this a global saving hobby. If the bees all die out, then so do we. Which means it has probably never been more important to keep bees in a safe environment. The perk is that you will get the most luxurious honey you have ever had in your life and the bees will contribute to the world. 

Animal hobbies are so enriching and great for kids too! Taking care of something that can’t really do more than snuggle you is a lot of responsibility and is excellent for everyone. 

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