Business Owner’s Guide to Packing Up for Abroad

For many business owners, it’s their dream to be able to get their business big enough to the point that they can expand to another country. It’s honestly a very exciting opportunity because it shows how big they’ve gotten but it also means getting into an untapped market. While there are more than enough benefits to moving abroad, there’s no doubt about it that moving in itself can be pretty tiring, right? There’s a lot that needs to be done, there’s a lot of planning, preparing, but one of the more tiring of them all would be the packing process.

Sure, you can hire a great moving service such as Two Men And A Truck to help you out, but you’re still going to need to be the one to pack up your own belongings, not just for your own, but the items for your business to. So here are some handy tips for packing up!

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Vacuum seal

Vacuum sealing isn’t just for food, there are large bags specifically meant to make larger items such as pillows and blankets a lot easier to pack up. This is perfect for getting additional space, plus this is wonderful for protecting your items as well.

Create a checklist

Since you’ll most likely be moving your own personal items from home and from your business, it’s important to have two separate checklists. This is going to help you have a clear head while you manage both of these. While there are more than enough frustrating obstacles entrepreneurs have to go through, there’s no doubt that forgetting something because you’re just too busy will take the whole cake.

Be wise with your storage

Suitcases are one of the go-to’s for moving, and they’re perfect for it. These, of course, are perfect for moving clothes or other textiles. But you will need other methods of moving too such as boxes or other bags. Your items will move likely be safer if packed in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes.

If possible, don’t take everything

When it comes to moving, you need to be realistic with yourself. Can you take everything with you? Is it smart to take everything with you? It may be easier to sell or donate what you already have (that’s not a necessity), and then see months down the line whether or not it will be needed again. 

Since you’ll be moving to another country, just know that there is an extremely high chance that whatever you’re needing or wanting will already be available in the country you’re moving to. This is going to be a lot more practical, plus, it will be cheaper as you won’t need to pack so much for your new home either.

Get an idea about custom regulations

Depending on where you’re moving to, there may be special import fees that you’ll have to pay. This can include having to pay some sort of import fee for bringing some of your belongings such as electronics, clothes, or everyday items. It’s not ideal, but that’s sometimes how it is.  Make sure you look into this, may if you have an immigration lawyer, you could even get them to look into this for you and they’ll let you know what’s up.

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