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Capture The Moment: Ways To Create Memories Of Your Travels For Everyone Back Home 100%

Traveling by yourself is an adventure like no other, you experience everything up close and personal, and at your own pace. But we can forget that when exploring these wonderful places that our loved ones back home want to know how we’re doing. And if you are not really one to take so many photos, then you really need to start snapping more, but if want to find a nice way to solidify these memories, what are the best ways to do this?

A Scrapbook

Rustic and quaint, a scrapbook gives you the opportunity to put all sorts of little souvenirs into one place, with a nice leather-bound book, or something that fits in the palm of your hand. In this age of digital photos and social media, we can underestimate the tangibility of something like this.

A Video

What we can do to send a message back home to the people we love, is a nice little video diary, but not just for social media purposes, but as a way to add a bit more life to those photos. As nice as social media photos are, a video is far better. And besides, you can get some editing software to put on your laptop and do this as you go, which is great if you are running a blog. But also, if you’ve got an abundance of photos that you need to just dump somewhere, you could make a video collage of this. When you’re running through your photos and you’ve got so many to choose from, it’s worth using a duplicate photo finder so you can get rid of the surplus pictures and save yourself memory before sending your memories back home!

Travel Posters

You might like the idea of crafting something by yourself, but if you don’t have the skills or knowledge to do this, you can go down the minimal art route and purchase nice little travel posters from around the world, giving you a nice souvenir, but is not too bulky!

Send Yourself Postcards

And then, if you want to go through the whole memory box aspect of things or you’re someone that has so many destinations on your itinerary, it’s worth sending postcards back to yourself as mementos of these lovely places.

Sure, you could send them to friends and family, but at the same time, sending these things to yourself can mean that when you look back at all these postcards, you are immediately transported to how you were feeling at that moment in time. They make wonderful additions to memory boxes.

Maybe you blog about your experiences or you are someone who likes to be in the moment and absorb everything, but if others want to know how you’re doing, or you want to look back on your experiences a few years from now, there are plenty of ways to create these little nuggets of memories.

But remember, when you’re out there exploring all these places, as tempting as it is to get the best selfie possible, stop, take a second, and ensure you absorb your surroundings and capture the memories.

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