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Cutting Time On Your Commutes When Traveling

When you’re already abroad, and you need to get from one destination to the next, you’re going to want to do so as quickly as possible. After all, when you’ve got only a few days to really soak up the sun in a foreign country, especially when you’re visiting for the first time, you need to keep things sweet and simple! 

So, let’s delve a little more into cutting your commuting time when you’re traveling abroad. There’s a lot you can do to make things move faster, and staying on the train for hours when you’re crossing the breadth of a country doesn’t have to be so boring anymore! 

Always take a bit of time to stop and check where it’d be best to go next! (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)

Make a Round Trip

If you want to save time whilst commuting abroad, remember to plan your itinerary out on a step by step basis. So instead of taking moments to double back on yourself, or criss cross over and have to take the same bus or walk the same route twice, you’re going in a circle. 

If you know where you want to go, and you’ve got the time to do some research, make yourself a round trip plan to follow. Try to move in a circle at all times, to ensure you’re never wasting any of your journey times, and you’re only paying for the necessary subway stations, train platforms, or bus routes. 

Hire a Car of Your Own

Hiring your own car goes a long way to ensuring you can move as you need to. After all, you won’t have to wait for public transport, you won’t have to move with the crowds, and you certainly won’t have to walk anywhere! You’ll have your own vehicle to dump all your stuff in, take the weight off your feet in, and ultimately, have a bit of a comfy road trip to go on. 

Make sure you know the worthy vehicle hire companies before you go, such as Ace Rent A Car, and compare rates between all of them. You’re going to need to get the best deal, if you’re renting over a period of days and not just for a few hours, and your travel budget may be very limited. 

Book a Couple of Places

And finally, if you’ve got a bit of spare room in your budget, why not book more than one place to stay whilst you’re on your trip? If you can find cheap accommodation, and you can split the budget across more than one of them, you could stay in one hotel or hostel on one side of town, and then the next night, make use of an AirBnB or something similar. 

Commuting when abroad shouldn’t be as difficult as when you’re at home. It shouldn’t take nearly as much time, and it definitely shouldn’t be a struggle to get from A to B when you’re trying to relax and have a good time!

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