Wanderwayer Publishing House Travel Tips Everything You Need To Know About Funding Your Travels With Your Driving License

Everything You Need To Know About Funding Your Travels With Your Driving License

If you’re a hard and fast nomad, the chances are that you’re forever on the lookout for ways you can work and travel at the same time. Let’s face it; living the life you want can seem near enough impossible until you master this. You’d have no choice but to shut up shop for large parts of the year while you tackled the tedious task of making money.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to earn as you go. Most commonly, nomads take on careers such as travel blogging or photography. Both can be a fantastic way of capturing your journey and being paid for the privilege. But, what can you do if these endeavors sound too creative to you?

We don’t all have a way with words or an eye for the ideal picture. But, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to life in an office. There are many more funding options than just these popular ones. With the invention of rideshare companies, it may even be possible to fund your travels with nothing more than a driving license. This can be even better than travel blogging for expanding your horizons. All you need to do to make this work is consider the following. 

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Know your options

You’re soon going to find that not every rideshare company operates in every location. You’ll need to do your research before each trip. In the United States, Lyft and Uber are, by far, the top runners. In Malaysia and Indonesia, though, it’s Grab and GoJek. The majority of countries now have their own rideshare front-runners. By researching your options, you may well come to find that you can drive your way around the world and get paid to do it.

Know the laws

In the grand scheme of things, rideshare companies are a relatively new phenomenon. As such, the legalities here are still pretty tough to get a grip on. Even worse in your case, they tend to vary from area to area. In some countries, rideshare companies insure their drivers. If you were in an accident driving a Lyft, say, Lyft’s policy would cover you in most cases. Other providers require drivers to have their own insurance, though. Failure to spot this stipulation could see you paying out more than you make. So, ensure you read the small print each time you sign up in a new place. Otherwise, you don’t stand any chance of finding the funding you need.

Understand the roads

Speaking of laws, it’s also essential you understand the rules of the road in every country you visit. Across the world, sides of the road vary, as do general driving rules. If you intend to make a living by driving, you need to be on top with things like this from day one. That means researching ahead of time and taking a test drive to get to grips before you start working. Otherwise, your fares will start demanding you pay them for the trauma you’ve caused.

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