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Go Galapagos: 5 Reasons To Visit Ecuador’s Not So Hidden Secret Paradise

The Galapagos islands off of Ecuador are hardly a secret. In fact, it’s one of the most popular bucket list destinations on the planet. However, you shouldn’t simply plan a visit because everyone else wants to visit. After all, appreciating everything the islands have to offer will enable you to enjoy your time to the max. 

Here are five telling reasons that should incentivise you to plan a trip to this stunning part of the world. 

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1| It’s The Perfect Winter Destination 

While we love holidays at any time of the year, there’s nothing like enjoying the adventures when the weather back home is poor. The winter months are the best time to explore Ecuador. This is due to the climate and its position near the equator, this instantly makes it a must-visit location. You will still need to acclimatise to the altitude, although the Galapagos are more accommodating than many of the mainland areas. Timing is everything for your trip. Do not forget it. 

2| The Water Adventures 

When visiting an exotic location, exploring life under the sea is one of the most exciting activities. The Galapagos offer a wealth of great spots for scuba diving and other water sports. Meanwhile, this is one of the very few places on earth where you can swim with sharks in a safe manner. They are so well fed due to their natural habitat, that they aren’t interested in humans. As long as you respect them, this is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. 

3| There’s No Chance Of Boredom 

The Galapagos islands are massive, which is something a lot of people fail to realise. Due to this, there are a range of different adventures that can be had. Knowing how to choose your Galapagos cruise based on your situation and personal tastes is vital. When you get it right, there’s no chance of boredom, especially as you’ll meet new people on those travels too. The Galapagos truly offer a little slice of everything, allowing you to build the once-in-a-lifetime trip that you desire. 

4| The Photo Opportunities 

There’s no point in denying our desire to take great holiday snaps to show them off in front of friends and family. The stunning sceneries, skylines, and plethora of animals will have you grabbing for the camera at every turn. Whether it’s brightening up your social media feeds or your home décor, there’s no doubting the impact of winning holiday snaps. This is yet another reason to adore the Galapagos and place this destination firmly on your bucket list. 

5| Relaxation 

While there are many adventures to have in this part of the world, it’s always important to use your vacation as a chance to recharge the batteries too. Whether taking a cruise or not, there are many spa treatments on offer on the islands. When combined with a little time on the beach or by the pool, as well as tucking into delicious foods, you can’t go far wrong. Just be sure to support the calmer vibes by booking convenient return travel solutions.   

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