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Holiday Drinking – How Much Is Too Much?

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It’s not unfamiliar for people to draw an association between drinking as a supplement for complete relaxation on vacation or during the holidays. When you’re not at work or have some time away from your daily responsibilities, it’s easy to drink more than you usually would on an ordinary day. For some quitting drinking altogether isn’t always possible, but cutting down certainly is. To give you a better idea of when to pour your last gin and tonic, or refuse another glass of red wine, or a bottle of beer, here’s some guidance.

The Sun Is Sizzling 

When the sun comes out, we tend to get more of an urge to drink. But doing so could be incredibly harmful to your health. Alcohol dehydrates the body, as does the sun. If you’re set on drinking outside in the heat, to prevent sunstroke, seek shade, and sip your beverage slowly. Plus, don’t forget to drink lots of water in between to help keep your body hydrated too.

Drinking For The Sake Of It

If you’re concerned about your drinking habits, which may have led previously to blackouts, dangerous incidents like being hospitalized, or upsetting other people around you. It might be time to consider quitting drinking altogether. Having a drink because “why not”, and drinking just about anything to get drunk because it’s cheap, is never good for you. And if it’s ongoing, it might indicate a more significant problem such as alcoholism. Not to mention, it could lead to considerable health issues that affect most of your vital organs. 

Use Your Limits

If you’ve drunk for a while, you’ll have a good idea of how much is too much, and what drinks encourage your worst behavior. Rather than being embarrassed about occasions where holiday drinking has gone too far, use those experiences to your advantage! Understand your limits, and stick to them. Once you’ve drunk your allowance, turn to water to hydrate. 

To help you stick to your new drinking plan, set a drinks budget before you head out to a restaurant, bar, or the poolside. Furthermore, don’t take any extra cash or credit cards with you, so you won’t have a choice to purchase more alcohol. With drinking boundaries in place, you’ll lessen the effects of a bad hangover that can ruin the following day – meaning you can better enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Sometimes drinking too much while you’re on holiday can ruin the experience. You’ll likely feel exhausted and emotional, which can negatively impact your family or friends you travel/spend time with too. 

As mentioned above, it’s important to get to know your drinking behaviors and the reason behind them. Then use your limits to your advantage, to stop you from drinking too much on vacation or during the holidays. The holidays and your travels should be some of the most fun and memorable days of your life. If you make a decision to drink less during these occasions, five things are certain; you’ll have a much better time, more energy, better self-control of your actions, you’ll avoid a daily headache too and better maintain relationships with your family and friends too.

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