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How To Be More Photogenic

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Some people always look good in photographs. Then there’s the rest of us – the ones that always end up looking frumpy, stiff and awkward no matter how much we try to put on our best pose. What is the secret to looking great in photos? This post delves into some of the key tricks for becoming more photogenic. 

Find your best angle

Anyone can look unflattering from the wrong angle, just as anyone can look attractive from the right angle. To take better photos, try to work out what your best angle is. You can do this by posing in front of a mirror or by using your selfie camera. You may find that by tilting your head a certain way or by standing slightly side-on you drastically improve the way you look.

Smile with your eyes

When smiling for a photograph, it’s not just your mouth that you should focus on. Your eyes can be a giveaway as to how you’re really feeling – fail to smile with your eyes and you may end up bored or bewildered instead. So, just how do you smile with your eyes? The key is to not stare with big round eyes but to squint a little. Alternatively, try not to fake the smile – think a genuinely happy thought while the photo is being taken and you should naturally smile with your eyes.

Avoid dead arms

Don’t know what to do with your arms while having your photo taken? Hanging them by your side could result in your photos looking stiff. Consider doing some kind of action with your arms whether you’re holding a glass, putting your hand on your hip, putting your hands in your pockets or putting your hands in the air. This post at https://www.purewow.com offers more tips on what to do with your hands.

Invest in your appearance

Nobody looks great first thing in the morning after getting out of bed. We have to be willing to put work into our physical appearance in order to look good. Take measures to fix the things you don’t like about your appearance. This could include buying some new clothes to compliment your body shape or even looking into cosmetic dentistry at a site such as https://www.dentalmakeovers.com/ to improve your smile. When investing in your appearance, it’s important that you feel comfortable with the results. Don’t try to wear clothes that you don’t feel comfortable in – this discomfort will show in your photo. You want to invest in clothes and cosmetic changes that make you feel confident and at ease. 


Posing for a photograph is something that you can overthink. As a result, you could end up looking uptight and anxious when the shot is taken. Once you’ve got into your pose, take a deep breath and try to relax. This should help to eliminate issues like stiff shoulders or bewildered-looking eyes which are often a natural reaction of not feeling comfortable in the moment. 

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