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How to Keep On Top of Your Dental Hygiene While Traveling

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Who doesn’t love traveling? Traveling allows you to feel free, free beyond your wildest imagination! However, when it comes to travel, many travelers tend to neglect their health. This can include their physical health such as eating badly and not getting enough sleep, but it can also include dental health as well. Traveling usually gives people the chance to try new cuisines and indulge in foods that they usually wouldn’t during their regular life. It’s okay to slack off a bit, but it can get worse and can have long-lasting effects if the slacking gets too bad. These are some helpful tips for maintaining good oral health while traveling the world.

Watch out for your toothbrush

When traveling, you most likely keep your toothbrush in one of those plastic containers, right? Believe it or not, that can actually be harmful to your toothbrush. Your toothbrush needs regular ventilation. Most toothbrush holders tend to not have air holes. If your toothbrush stays moist, it means that bacteria can grow, which can lead to mold. Yuck! Try to keep your toothbrush in a fairly large container while traveling.

Stick to your regular dental routine

Even while traveling you should still keep to a regular routine. So if you’re wearing Invisalign, then you should continue wearing it. The same can be said for the rest of your routine. You should brush two to three times a day, rinse your mouth thoroughly, and floss as well. All of this should be a part of your regular life and it should still be implemented in your travels as well. These small routines don’t take much time, therefore there is no reason to neglect them.

See what your teeth need before traveling

You already know that it’s important to visit a dentist on a regular basis. It also doesn’t hurt to see your dentist for your trip, especially if you’re doing extended traveling such as more than one week. Seriously, a toothache or any other tooth-related issues can cause a major damper on any trip. It’s completely best to avoid that altogether by both seeing your dentist twice a year and even seeing your dentist right before your long trip.

 Eat and drink healthy

It may not be fun to read this, but you’re far better off maintaining a healthy lifestyle even while you’re traveling. That doesn’t mean you have to cut off the sugars or alcohol, but it does mean that these should only be taken in moderation. Sure, it’s understandable knowing how tempting how junk food can be. Especially foods you’ve never tried before. The beauty of travel means getting to be open to new opportunities, but it’s so important to consider moderation.

Think about your sleep

It may sound crazy, but did you know that your sleep can play a part in your dental hygiene. You probably already know that some people grind their teeth in their sleep, but snoring problems can also play a part in it as well. It’s always best to lay right on your back when possible. 

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