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How to Stay Healthy and Sane when Working Overtime

Nobody is truly a fan of working overtime, but sometimes it just has to be done. Maybe you received an urgent project that has to be completed ASAP, maybe you procrastinated, an emergency happened, or possibly some other event that led to working overtime. It’s not fun having these looming deadlines and expectations over your head, but it just has to be dealt with. Whether you’re 48 hours, 60 hours, or even the hair pulling 80 hour work week, just know that this won’t be for much longer and this deadline will be over soon enough. Here are some ways to stay sane, energized, and focus during these hectic times of working overtime. 

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Eat a balanced meal

No matter how busy you are, you can’t just immediately grab the most convenient thing that’s closest to you to munch on. It’s important to just instead have nourishing meals that are packed with vitamins and minerals. This is going to help give you that energy boost you need and it’s also going to help ensure your stomach won’t get upset. If you have absolutely no time at all to pack your own meals, then look into temporarily hiring a meal prep service that will already have all the meals packaged up and ready for you. They’re expensive but in times like these, it can be worth it.

Just think about your end goal

In dark times where you’re working soul-crushing hours, just think about the light at the end of the tunnel. Just think about how close you are to getting finished with this. Also just think about your goals as this is going to be something to help you tread through this exhausting obstacle.

Make the most of “me” time

Maybe this is going to be 1 hour, maybe more than that. Whatever free time you can get, enjoy it as this is going to help keep you calm. Maybe this “me” time is going to be the commute home, in this case, read up on stuff you missed out on, get around to putting some ptosis eyedrops in your eyes, and enjoy this free time while it lasts. Don’t try to use this time to reply to work-related emails or texts, just enjoy what little time that you’re going to have for yourself.

Take breaks

Whenever you can get a break, try to just utilize it. It’s been proven that breaks make a person more productive. You need these breaks and you owe it to yourself to have them too. There are plenty of ways to take a break from work for a little bit so your brain can recharge.

Simplify your routine

If you’re someone that likes to do their hair, makeup, and even set out a nice outfit for work, you’re better off not doing this during these busy and stressful times. Instead, it’s just best to keep everything simple. Just wear something simple, won’t worry about your appearance, and even try to simplify your routine for other aspects of your life as well. Every minute counts when you’re working crazy hours. 

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