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How To Stay Safe On A Motorbike Journey

One of the best parts of owning a motorbike is the road trip. There are some beautiful routes that are popular with bikers. These trips can be a lot of fun, but it is very important that you prepare properly to make sure you are safe on your trip. Plan ahead, and remember you adventure for all the right reasons. 

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Choose a suitable route

You might want to choose the most exciting route you can find, but make sure you choose your route carefully. If you are new to riding a motorbike or haven’t been on a long road trip before, a guided motorbike tour could be a good choice. You’ll get enjoy the road trip, without the stress of planning the route or arranging where you’ll stay along the way. 

If you’d like to plan your own tour, there are a few things to keep in mind. How long will the route take? Where will you be able to stop to sleep, eat, or rest on the way? Is the road suitable for a rider of your skill level? What will the weather be like? 

Make any upgrades and repairs before you go

Make sure your bike is in top condition before you go on a long trip. You don’t want to break down halfway if it could have been avoided. 

Give your bike a thorough check before your trip. Leave yourself plenty of time to make any needed upgrades or repairs. Anything that looks like it might be a problem for you should be replaced. Make any upgrades that will make your trip more comfortable, such as a more comfortable seat.

Practice motorcycle safety

On a long trip, it’s crucial to be safe. An accident on a remote stretch of road could be fatal, so be sure not to let excitement get the better of you. Brush up on your motorcycle safety basics before you leave on your trip. 

Ride carefully and stick to the speed limit. Remember that it is essential to dress correctly to protect yourself in case of an accident. Buy proper motorcycle clothing or casual Motocross gear to keep you safe and comfortable on your road trip. Quality boots are important, as are gloves. These help you to better control the bike and will protect you if you come off the bike. Try on your gear before you go, so you know it still fits and will be comfortable for a long ride. Some riders find closer fitting riding gear is more comfortable over long distances than baggier options. 

A good helmet is a non-negotiable part of a motorcycle trip. Make sure it fits correctly and is comfortable. A helmet could save your life, so don’t skip it. 

If the route you’ve chosen is likely to be bumpy, elbow or knee guards could be a good addition to your gear. Hitting bumps increases the risk of the bike tipping, and guards can offer a bit more protection if you come in contact with the road. 

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