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How To Work And Travel At The Same Time

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Looking for a way to fund your travels? By working as you travel you can reduce the need to save up as much beforehand. Not only that, but it can give you experienced that you wouldn’t otherwise gain from normal travelling. Here are just several ways to work and see the world.

Work in the travel industry

There are lots of jobs in the travel industry that can allow you to explore the globe whilst earning a living. You could train up to be a flight attendant – whilst you will spend the flight working, you’ll get to stay in hotels around the world for free. You could also consider applying for a role on a cruise ship – on your days off you can explore local ports and take excursions. Other travel industry roles could include working as a tour guide, working as a travel rep or even working as an international coach driver.   

Teach English abroad

English is spoken universally and so there’s a great demand for English teachers. If you’re teaching in a school, you may be required to earn a teaching qualification first. Alternatively, you could teach English privately or work as an au pair (this could be a great opportunity to learn another language yourself).

Teach other skills abroad

There may be other skills that you can teach whilst abroad. Ski instructors and diving instructors are needed all around the world and you can always transfer every year so that you’re always instructing in a new resort. Alternatively, you may be able to teach yoga or teach an instrument or teach people how to paint – whatever skill you may possess.

Become a digital nomad

It’s also possible to do work online with a laptop, allowing you to travel flexibly as you work. Sites like Expert Vagabond offer tips on how to get by as a digital nomad. For example, you’ll need to find places with wi-fi to stay and somewhere to charge your laptop. Digital skills that could earn you money include copywriting, graphic design, web programming, social media marketing and even virtual workshops.

Work in a service industry

Service industry roles are required all around the world and can also offer a fair amount of flexibility. This could include working in bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels. This post on Tropoto even tells the story of a travelling hairdresser who managed to travel 27 countries in a year simply by offering haircuts. Such jobs may not require much formal training compared to other jobs.

Earn a passive income

It’s also possible to make money via a passive income – such an income involves making an initial investment and then being able to live off the returns without having to put in much extra work. This form of income can give you the most freedom and flexibility. Examples could include renting your home out to tenants as you travel, renting space out as storage, trying peer-to-peer lending or even getting involved in stocks and shares.

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