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Looking After Your Health When You Return to Work

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Over the course of the pandemic, many of us have found ourselves working from home. As governments implemented stay at home, social distancing and lockdown guidelines, those who could work from home began to work from home. This has been in place for a while and many of us have grown used and comfortable to the change. However, as vaccines are being rolled out, some employers are beginning to consider a return to the office. Now, this is going to be another big lifestyle change, so it’s important that you prioritise your health and wellbeing while going through it. Here’s some advice that can help you to achieve this!

Do You Want to Return to the Office?

First, think about the situation. Do you want to return to the office? Some people are eager to get back in. They missed the social element of the workplace and may not have had ideal working situations from home. But a huge number of people have thoroughly enjoyed remote work. They’ve enjoyed cutting out the commute, saving money and saving time. They’ve enjoyed being more comfortable in their own environment, with their own clean bathroom and kitchen to use on breaks. They’ve enjoyed having more control over their own working schedule. If you’re dreading a return to the office, you may want to try to negotiate flexible work with your manager or workplace, or simply seeking an alternative, fully remote job.

Ensuring You Have What You Need

If you are returning to work, you should make sure you have everything you need to work safely and comfortably. You could make sure you have any medicine you may need in your drawers or in your bag. For example, antihistamines, paracetamol and ibuprofen. You should make sure you have comforting and soothing tools such as heat packs or gel packs from accurategelpacks.com. You should make sure you have back supports, foot rests and any other ergonomic furniture or equipment you may need.

It’s also important to make sure you are attending to your micro and macro nutritional needs. Planning an appropriate lunch and evening meal can help you remain alert, and save you time having to go and purchase or make this for yourself every single day. Combining this with a healthy supplement such as Healixir can help you feel your most alert and productive self, fighting off tiredness and ennui.

Consider a Phased Return

Some workplaces are encouraging phased returns to work to prevent staff from feeling overwhelmed. This works well for many people. Rather than being dumped straight back into a highly social, busy and loud work environment, you could try one day a week, then two days a week, then three and so on. If your work haven’t suggested this, you may want to consider talking to your manager to try to arrange it.

Ensure Covid Compliance

Covid hasn’t gone away. It’s just more manageable right now. So, your workplace should still be being Covid safe and compliant. Make sure that measures are in place to protect you and your health, such as social distancing measures, screens between desks, organised breaks to prevent busy break rooms and more. If you have any concerns, your manager or your company’s HR department should be able to help.

A return to work is going to be a big change, so you’re going to need to make sure to monitor your health and wellbeing through it. Hopefully, the above information will help with this process!

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