Wanderwayer Publishing House Travel Tips Making The Great Outdoors A Great Trip: Surviving Camping When You’ve Never Done It Before

Making The Great Outdoors A Great Trip: Surviving Camping When You’ve Never Done It Before


Going on any journey is about capturing the moments, and exploring new ground, but when you go camping, it can feel like you’re left alone to the elements in many ways. If you’ve never been camping before, how do you ensure that you survive it? Is it just about getting the right equipment, or is it about the right mindset as well?


Packing for a camping trip is all about the right clothing so that you are ready for all weathers, but it’s also about ensuring that you have storage in spades, for the little items, such as a Swiss army knife, as well as various supplies of food.

But when it comes to your tent, it’s far better for you to get something a little bit bigger than you think you need. Usually, a two-man tent is enough for anyone, but it depends on how many people are going. If you think that you need a small tent just for you, it’s always better to get something a little bit bigger just in case you end up being stuck somewhere on your travels.

Making It Easy On You

Mentally speaking, you can never under-prepare. After all, it’s far better for you to know what you’re letting yourself in for, and what can be done if you end up in a certain situation. Because you’ve been left to the elements, even if you go with a group of people, you don’t necessarily know what you’re up against. But, it’s far better for you to learn a little bit about survival tactics and techniques.

The Prepared Bee website is a handy little resource where you can learn all about the various scrapes (and solutions) you can get yourself into (and out of). It’s far better in a mental sense to be prepared for anything, rather than under-preparing and thinking that the right equipment will be enough to get you through it.

Get What You Can Out Of It

Some people go camping and they never want to do it again, but others decide that it’s the perfect way to see nature up-close. From your point of view, it’s worth going in with a few predetermined questions in your mind. Namely, what do you want to achieve from the trip? Is it just about getting away from the real world for a little bit, or is it about putting your survival skills to the test?

Like with any vacation, you need to have come away from it rested, rejuvenated, and have learnt a little bit something about yourself as well. Camping is one of those great little ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life and reacquaint yourself with the things that really matter.

Camping can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before, but to make it the most enjoyable experience, it’s about ensuring you are mentally prepared, you’ve got the right equipment, and it’s about making sure you go in with a positive mindset. People don’t go camping anymore, so why don’t you make the most of this underappreciated pastime?

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