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More Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block At Home

A white page feels overwhelming when you struggle with writer’s block. It might sound surprising, but it is a frequent phenomenon that can affect both new and experienced writers. You can feel ideas emerging in your mind, but they can’t make it to the page. They are retained, prisoners of your creative block. Contrary to common belief, writer’s block has nothing to do with a lack of creativity. Psychologists describe it as a response to external or internal factors that temporarily affect your ability to access ideas and put them into words. Therefore, one of the most effective methods to fight writer’s block is to help your mind relax. Physician activity, for instance, can help release feel-good hormones that will help your mind move quickly through the obstacle. Some writers follow a workout schedule to ensure the regular release of endorphins. Others prefer to get comfortable with the physical ask of writing., such as filling up a page with random thoughts and content before they can turn to their novel again. Yet, what can you do when the usual methods don’t work? Here are more helpful tips to get rid of writer’s block at home.

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Create a writing office without disruption

Where do you write? A lot of writers have set their home office in the lounge or the guest bedroom. But you could learn a tip or two from some of the most prolific writers in history who put their desks in the middle of the garden. Roald Dahl even commissioned a writing hut in his garden in the UK. Mark Twain’s study overlooked the Chemung River. Countless authors found peace and inspiration in the middle of nature. So, why not transform the garden shed into a writing cabin? You might want to give your garden some care and attention first —nothing like a lush and green lawn to unlock your mind. Your best ally to revive the lawn is a spreader that can distribute lawn food evenly — this tipu handheld spreader review is a great starting point. Add also a few fragrant and colorful bushes that will catch your eye. 

Speak it instead

Paul Graham advises new writers to speak as they talk. He insists that the process helps to make any writing work more digestible and enjoyable. However, for a lot of writers, the process of putting your thoughts into understandable words can be daunting. But, you’d be surprised by how easier everything feels as soon as you stop using a keyboard. How are you going to write a novel without a keyboard? You can use a dictation solution. Some dictation systems can also transcribe spoken words into written sentences. But even without a transcription feature, speaking your ideas rather than typing them is a much more natural process. We naturally explain our ideas verbally. As such, imagining that you are speaking to a friend or that you are having a conversation with your main protagonist can completely transform your creative approach. Fiction writers often record entire conversations with their main characters, where they play different roles. It is not only a liberating process, but it also gives more depth to your story. 

Change your approach to writing to overcome writer’s block. Whether it means relocating your home office to a peaceful spot at home or speaking your ideas aloud, it’s up to you. As a writer, you want to create as many paths to unlock your creative force as possible. So why not keep a few options for when you need a boost? 

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