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Need A New Hobby? Ideas To Boost Physical And Mental Health

Are you looking to take up a new hobby? Studies show that having an interest can boost physical and mental health. If you need inspiration, here are some suggestions to consider. 


Golf is a popular spectator sport but it’s also a great activity in which to participate. One of the best things about playing golf is the opportunity to explore different courses and enjoy being out in the fresh air. Golf can be a sociable sport and it’s also a brilliant activity for improving coordination and aim. When you play golf, you’ll notch up plenty of steps and active minutes without pushing your body to the limits, which makes this an excellent option for those who want to be more active without undertaking intense workouts. Golf is suitable for almost everyone and you can play for fun or competitively. 

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/two-golf-carts-on-field-under-blue-sky-1308799/


Hiking has become increasingly popular in the last year, as more and more people have looked for safe ways to get fit and enjoy a change of scenery during the pandemic. Hiking is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors, and it’s also suitable for a wide range of people. You can choose routes and trails based on your fitness level, how much time you have available and how far you want to walk. Hiking can be a solo pursuit or a social sport. You can meet up with friends, go hiking with neighbors or relatives, or join a local club if you’re keen to meet new people. If you are going hiking, it’s always beneficial to take plenty of water, a map, a fully charged phone, snacks, first aid essentials and a waterproof jacket with you.


Are you looking for a fast-paced, action-packed hobby that will enable you to get fitter and spend time with friends and family? If so, why not gather the troops and arm yourself with paintball guns ready for battle? Paintballing is a popular group activity and it’s a fun way to increase activity levels, work up a sweat and build relationships. The aim of the game is to shoot your opponents. To beat the other team, you’ll need to be able to weave, dodge and sprint, locate enemies and find secluded spots to hide and take cover. 

Image from https://pixabay.com/photos/paintball-sports-extreme-1278901/

Open water swimming

Open water swimming has become more popular recently, and there is growing evidence to support the health benefits of spending time in cold water. Open water swimming can be an exhilarating and relaxing experience, and it’s also proven to boost mental wellbeing and promote healing and recovery. Look out for local clubs or ask friends or family to go with you if you want to get involved but you don’t fancy swimming solo. 

Hobbies can have an incredibly positive impact on physical and mental health. If you’re looking for a new interest that will help you increase your activity levels, reduce stress, have fun and enjoy the benefits of hanging out with other people or making new friends, why not give these hobbies a try?

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