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Products to Improve Your Writing Experience

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Writers come in all different shapes and sizes; one of the beautiful things about writing is the diversity of creativity that you find. But, creative writing is also about how you set up your creative life, along with the products and materials you use. So, don’t get locked into habits for too long; remember to shake things up now and again.   

A quality pen 

Writers are no longer limited to using ink and parchment; nowadays, these are many devices you can use to get your thoughts down or plan your breakout novel. These include smartphones, laptops, PCs, and even the trusty old typewriter. 

But many writers still prefer to use an ink pen and a notebook because there is something about the process of moving the pen across the paper that inspires new ideas and creates new works. So instead of using up lots of disposable pens, invest in a quality pen and replaceable ink. 

A quality lamp 

Okay, so it’s unlikely you will write like Dickens are a great oak desk under the light of an oil lamp; it’s more likely you will find inspiration in random places such as on park benches, public transport, and coffee shops. But you need light when inspiration strikes. 

Don’t catch yourself full of inspiration with no light to work with; make sure you have a lamp at your writing desk or a portable light of some kind to illuminate the paper while you collect your spontaneous thoughts. 

A smartphone 

Some writers love them, other loath them. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, nobody can deny that smartphones have some pretty neat features that can support your writing in a number of ways. In addition, they have some excellent apps for writing and other tools. 

Let’s say you’re in a dark spot and you have a great idea; unless you get it down somewhere, it might be gone forever – that’s how some ideas work. Use your smartphone to either light up your page or use a journal app to keep original ideas in one place. 

A car or van 

If you have a driving license, it can be beneficial to your writing career. That might sound a bit strange, you probably got into writing because all your need is some paper and a pen, but a car can open up new doors for you in terms of inspiration and research – if you have issues consider product liability.  

There’s something to be said for mechanical writing routines. Continually, you return to the same setting day after day, keeping your imaginative story steady and coherent. Other times, these routines are blocked, and your need to shake them up – so go for a drive.   

A pair of boots 

Even if you aren’t a nature writer, you can benefit from a new pair of hiking boots. If you’re feeling stuck and uninspired with your writing project, one of the best ideas is to head out on the hills and walk; the movement and the fresh air will clear your mind and offer new ideas. 

The movement of your pen across the page inspires new ideas for your story, but so do the movements of your body as you walk. As you hike alone or with a friend, you will start to see your project in new ways – but don’t forget your smartphone or notebook.  

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