Wanderwayer Publishing House Travel Tips Should Amsterdam Be On Your Travel List? YES!

Should Amsterdam Be On Your Travel List? YES!

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Talking about travel at the moment is tough. You get your hopes up and realize that there isn’t much you can do about it. What a bummer! Of course, for those of you who love traveling, nothing is stopping you from creating a bucket list of places that you want to see. That way, once the world reopens and things go back to normal, you can make up for the lost time by ticking as many off the list as humanly possible.

One city that has to make the cut is Amsterdam. Carry on reading to find out why.

It’s Culturally Diverse

You won’t experience the same sights and attractions in Las Vegas or London as you do in the Netherlands. This is because Amsterdam is a cultural mix of history and traditions. Did you know that 86% of the locals speak more than one language? How impressive! So, not only is there a ton to see and do, but you won’t struggle to get around because a friendly native will happily point you in the right direction with their flawless English. The highlight of Amsterdam’s culture is the Rijksmuseum. Even if you’re not a museum sort of person, you have to check out paintings by Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Their Customs Are Different

Traveling is all about trying new customs. For a developed country in the western world, you wouldn’t expect that you could do much more in Amsterdam than anywhere else in Europe and the States. However, the capital of the Netherlands is notorious for its coffee shops where customers can smoke legally and in peace. If you have a blunt holder ready, you’re good to go! Remember that you don’t have to smoke if you don’t want to and if you, please do it responsibly. You shouldn’t abuse it.

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The City Is Beautiful

Among the weed smoke and shop windows with red lights is an absolutely stunning city. Don’t let the seediness fool you – the natural beauty is something to behold. Aside from the canal that carves through the streets, there is archaic and decadent architecture pretty much strewn across Amsterdam. Then, there’s Vondelpark, which is a haven for wildlife and fun activities amid the concrete buildings and traffic-lined streets. Just stopping for a drink by the water and watching the world go by is an excellent way to spend a vacation. Sure, there isn’t a beach, but Amsterdam is about trying new things.

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It’s The Bicycle Capital

Okay, that fact might be unofficial, but it’s hard to think of anywhere in the world where cycling is as encouraged as in Amsterdam. There are lanes solely for bikes, and the laws are set so that drivers have to be careful – the penalties for motorists are severe. This makes it a brilliant place to explore in full. In a cab, you miss the character and personality when you whizz by at speed. On a bicycle, you can take it all in as you ride by at a leisurely pace.

What do you think – are you game?

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