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Top 4 Must-See Things In Oregon

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Oregon is a coastal state that’s full of unbelievable beauty. It’s a brilliant place to visit, and you’ll have a lot of fun in some of the magnificent cities dotted around the area. If you’re planning a trip to Oregon soon, then here’s a lovely treat for you! Below, you’ll see some of the top must-see things in this wonderful state:

Mount Hood National Forest

As you’ll see throughout this piece, Oregon boasts some natural delights. The first thing you must see is the national forest by Mount Hood. It’s full of tall green trees – and there’s a massive lake nearby as well. Plus, you have the mountain backdrop to add to the scenery, it’s almost like this place was made for Instagram photos! You can hike up the mountain if you fancy a challenge, or relax and enjoy the many hot springs and waterfalls close by. 

Crater Lake National Park

Head over the mountainous region in the southwest of Oregon, and you’ll find an extinct volcano. Here, you have the stunning Crater Lake National Park. It’s genuinely one of the most beautiful natural sites you’ll see in the US. The lake here is a deep blue – it almost feels like something has been added to it because the colour is impossibly blue! Lava cliffs are poking up now and then, and you have a few campsites nearby too. So, if you love the great outdoors, this is a brilliant opportunity for you to connect with a natural wonder. It’s a little bit off the beaten track too, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet while you’re there. 

College Football At The Autzen Stadium

In general, college football is always worth a watch. It’s different from a typical NFL match as the players are younger and there’s not as much at stake. As such, the games tend to be high scoring affairs full of flair and exuberance. I’ve added this to my list because Oregon is home to the Autzen Stadium – one of the absolute best college football stadiums in the country. The atmosphere is incredible, and it’s usually the loudest stadium out there. It’s fairly easy to get a hotel near Autzen Stadium, so you have somewhere to go back to after the match. Make sure your hotel does a complimentary breakfast as well – you’ll need it after a night at the football!

See The Haystack Rock On Cannon Beach

You don’t tend to think about beaches when you think about Oregon. However, Cannon Beach is one of the loveliest beaches you’ll ever see. We’re talking perfect sand, a beautiful blue ocean, and some massive rocks that make it unique. The biggest one is called Haystack Rock, and it’s well worth getting a photo of. To make things that little bit better, the town of Cannon Beach is also home to lots of delicious food as well. 

Oregon is close to California, and the latter seems to get more love from travelers. But, if you fancy a change, then head to this fantastic state for a short break or long getaway.

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