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Top 5 Most Thrilling Sports to Watch Live

Photo by football wife from Pexels

Watching sporting events on the TV is very exciting. But it’s nothing compared to seeing it in real life. A dream of many sports fans and a popular pastime for those lucky few, it will fully immerse you into the game from the moment you sit down among the crowd. 

Although this isn’t possible at the moment due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look forward to watching sports events live again in the near future. To help inspire you, here is a list of the top 5 most thrilling sports to watch live:

1. Baseball – MLB

Every baseball game is thrilling to watch live, but events that stand out in particular are that of MLB (Major League Baseball). One match that’s very popular is the Yankees vs the Red Sox. with over 100 years of history between them, it’s an event unlike any other. With a roaring atmosphere and a beautiful setting at Fenway Park, it’s not one to miss. 

2. Football – NFL

American football is another sport that’s entertaining whether it’s a college match or a national event. Arguably the most renowned league, however, is the NFL (National Football League). 

Consisting of 32 teams from various states, no matter what event you attend it’s guaranteed to be electric. Of course, you can watch it on live streaming, but watching a game on the TV just doesn’t feel the same. There are also various NFL online sportsbooks for those die hard fans that want to wager..

3. Ice Hockey – NHL

Watching a live game of ice hockey is so extraordinary. Full of thrills, it’s played at an extremely fast pace that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Sitting on the sidelines watching the action unfold in front of you is unforgettable – whether you go to see an NHL (National Hockey Lead) event or another type throughout the year.

4. Tennis

Tennis is another hugely competitive sport, that’s fast paced and spine-tingling from the moment the whistle blows. No matter what match you watch, whether it’s with the iconic William’s sisters, Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer you’re in for a treat. Even though this country is host to a range of events, for those big tennis fans, it may even be worth traveling across the pond for Wimbledon or another match. 

5. Basketball – NBA

This might sound like an obvious one, but basketball is a great event to watch live due to the breathtaking skills and physicality of each player. Of course, the stadium itself and where you sit also plays a large part, as the bigger the stadium, potentially the worse the view.

But if you get good seats to a match, you’ll love every minute. The most popular tickets are for the annual NBA (National Basketball Association) games – in which 30 teams compete. 

Those are just 5 of the most thrilling sports to watch live. Of course, everyone will favor one sport over another. But by watching any of the above sports in person, you’re bound to have an incredible experience that you want to replicate again and again throughout the years.

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