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Where To Find Your Inspiration As A Writer

Are you experiencing writer’s block? Are you done with a project and want to work on something else but the spark hasn’t hit just yet? If so, then you need to take the time to find your inspiration. Some people say that there’s nothing to do but wait for it to come and find you, but that’s not true for a lot of writers. There are plenty of tips that people take to find their inspiration.

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Go over old ideas

You might not need brand new inspiration to get moving on your next project. You might already have had a perfect idea but simply have forgotten it. There are a lot of great reasons for any writer to make sure that they keep hold of any works that they have done in the past, and looking over them to strike fresh inspiration is one of the top reasons. Often, an idea that you had trouble grappling with in the past can suddenly be a lot easier to work with once you’ve had some distance and perspective.

Alter your mind

It’s not a tip that will suit everyone equally, but some writers do find that getting out of their usual headspace can help a lot. To some, this might mean having a little drink before a brainstorming session. For others, it might even mean (where legal) having your own supply of CBD or THC with the help of accessories like Trimleaf. Changing your thought patterns may be able to help you unlock ideas that might not swim up to the surface otherwise.

Get out and get moving

You might not need anything as powerful as the last paragraph to alter your brain chemistry and change your way of thinking, either. Sometimes, the solution might be as simple as getting a little more sunlight to help clear away the mental cobwebs. A lot of writers find that getting up and running can help give them a mental clean slate and bring different ideas to mind, as well. Even working out at home with the help of equipment like Schwinn bikes might be enough to jostle your brain into motion.

Engage with any and all art

A writer must read. This is an iron-clad rule that the majority of prolific, or at least good, writers follow. However, books and poetry aren’t the only artforms you should engage with if you want to keep your creative senses sharp. Visit a nearby gallery or take the time to browse famous art online. Listen to music without any other distractions. Check out a movie now and then. Great creators take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, including works in mediums that they have no interest in working with.

If you’re finding that sitting around and looking at a blank page isn’t helping you, then you need to change your environment and your mind’s activity to find the inspiration that you need. Hopefully, some of the tips above help you find the spark for your next creative endeavor.

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