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Who Are The Favorites To Win The 2021 Super Bowl?

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NFL season is here. Who will win the Super Bowl in 2021? Fans have already been placing their bets as to which team will take home the trophy. Here are the current favorites to win.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are the defending champions and they’ve got an incredible roster this year. It’s no wonder that they’re favorites – but can they really win for a second year in a row?

It certainly seems like they have what it takes. For one, they’ve still got Brett Veach and Andy Reid to lead them to victory, plus Patrick Mahomes isn’t going anywhere (it’s hard to believe he’s only 24 – and that he seems to be getting better).

Meanwhile, there’s also Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman and Travis Kelce to contend with. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is also new to the team and was one of the best picks in the 2020 NFL draft. It’s one of the most exciting offences we’ve seen from any team in years.  

No team has won for two consecutive years since 2005. The Chiefs could break this trend – but it depends whether they’ve got the fire in their belly to go for the win now that they’ve got their Super Bowl rings fitted.

San Francisco 49ers

Thinking of placing a bet on a San Francisco 49ers 2021 victory? The Niners could well be the ones to watch.

Jimmy Garoppolo impressed everyone last season when he threw for 3,978 yards, scored 27 touchdowns and made 13 interceptions. His camp performance shows that he may have even improved since last season.

The Niners also have one of the best defences in the league. They’ve traded one of their better defence players DeForest Buckner, but his replacement Javon Kinlaw seems capable of filling this gap. Their team definitely has what it takes to get to the Super Bowl. 

New Orleans Saints

2021 could be a memorable year for the Saints, who are currently the third favorite team to win.

The Saints have a formidable offence and a tough defence making them very well-rounded. They played well last season dominating the NFC South. If they come back stronger this year, they could be hard to stop.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that this could be Drew Brees’s last year in the NFL. If so, Brees is likely to want to go out on a bang – under this leadership, they could find the impetus to make it to the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens also have a lot going for them. They had no major losses last season, plus they’ve got Lamar Jackson on their team, who was named 2019 NFL MVP.

The team’s offence and defence have had a few alterations since last season. This has led to a few improvements, including within their rushing attack.

There’s a belief that they’ll follow the same pattern as The Chiefs. A year after Mahomes was named MVP, his team went on to win the Super Bowl. The same could happen to the Ravens given that Jackson was named MVP in 2019. It’s a pattern that has been seen many times before.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys could also stand a chance. In fact, they currently have better odds of winning than the Eagles, ranked as the fifth favorite.

What makes the Cowboys a contender? They’ve strengthened their defence and rustled up one of their best rosters in a while. Offensively, they played well last year and seem like they could make some noise this year. They’ve also got a very optimistic fanbase – which helps when deciding odds.

Perhaps the idea of them taking home the Vince Lombardi trophy isn’t quite as convincing as some of the other teams listed here. However, if they can dominate the NFC East and hold their own in the games after, they could prove to be the underdogs in this season. They’re certainly a lot more capable than half the teams in the league.  

Who would you add as a favorite?

Clearly the odds will change as we start seeing the results of the first few games. The Buccaneers could rise into the top five if Tom Brady performs well. Meanwhile, there’s still hope for the Patriots if Cam Newton doesn’t get injured again. The Seahawks are also a team that shouldn’t be overlooked. We will see what happens as the season progresses. 

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